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Scheduled services / standard

A basic car service should involve a thorough check of the condition electrical system, steering suspension exhaust system, tyres all oil condition

CAR HUB ARROW AUTOMOTIVE LLP check 36 point in scheduled service + washing​

AC service/High performance

When your car's air can in given a service the technician should check the system's lubricant level. they should also perform a vacuum test to check for any cracks or leaks that could prevent your air con working in the future.

Tyres & wheel care

For optimum performance, tires must have the correct air pressure, tread depth, balance and the wheel of the vehicle must be properly aligned checking your tires on a regular basis in an important step in protecting your safety and your automotive investment ideally.

car polish

Cleaning & detailing

Car detail typically includes washing, waxing and detailing the exterior and vacuuming deep cleaning detailing the interior this can include head light restoration exterior point polising, waxing, shampooing carpets and keep cleaning the engine.

car polishing

Exterior detailing involves cleaning and either restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car's finish (usually a point with a glossy finish) chrome trim windows wheels and tires as well as other visible components on a vehicle's exterior.

denting painting

Denting and painting process is tedious and labour heavy work on the exterior body of the car in case of accidents, collision of vehicle denting and pointing of the parts are preferred as it helps save the additional cost of the new part used.

Batteries & wiring repair

The battery all ernator and starter are the three main parts of any vehicles electrical system: All three of these parts work togethr to start a car and keep in running. CAR HUB ARROW AUTOMOTIVE LLP have best electrical technician to care your car.


An automative scan tool (scanner) is an electric tool used to interface with, diagnose and sometimes reprogram vehicle control modules however a typical scan tool does not have the ability to fully reprogram modules because it requires a pass-through device and specific software.

Insurance renewal

Do Insurance renewal and get cashless claim at under one roof.

Car sanitization

CAR HUB ARROW AUTOMOTIVE LLP 1st workshop introducing proper sanitization. We use thermal fogger with steamer for sterilization disinfection & deodorization form kill virus, funaus, germs, bacteria, bad odour, etc. we doing 9th step for sanitization

custom repair

A)Engine way
B)Anti rust treatment
C)Car pest control

windshield replacement

Broken Windshield Replacement can be done in no time.

Pick & drop free

We provide free pickup & drop service.Carhub provides safe,reliable means of travel.Carhub take full responsibility of timely pick and drop service.

USP: Customised AMC

We provide AMC which are customised as per your needs which will help you to save more on budget and get more efficient service for your requirements

Breakdown service PAN INDIA

We are among the only few car service provider who provides Breakdown service PAN India, you don't have to worry even if it is middle of the highway or in the rural area we have always got your back

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